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“My Parents Don’t Even Try to Understand Me!

In 1987, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince recorded a hilarious song that captures the tumultuous relationship between teenagers and their parents called, “Parents Don’t Understand”. I am quite […]

Mom to Mom with Donna Hughes

Mom to Mom with Donna Hughes

RRP: As a seasoned mom of twins, Haley and Hannah, who have started their lives out in the world, how has your role as a mom of adult women changed […]


How Focused Attention Can Help Our Kids Battle Stress and Anxiety

In the midst of my worst moments of anxiety and panic, I would focus incessantly on a physical sensation and fear that it was something serious and harmful. But, as […]

Apps for Kids on the Autism Spectrum

Apps for Kids on the Autism Spectrum

Technology has the power to unlock learning for kids of all ages and stages. And sometimes exploring and learning on a device first is less intimidating than trying out new […]

5 Benefits of Multiple Extracurricular Activities

5 Benefits of Multiple Extracurricular Activities

“I’m bored,” my 11-year-old daughter grumbled as she collapsed on to the couch. It was a rare unscheduled moment in her life. I cringed as I recalled what can occur […]

Dinners Read Marie McGarrys Crunchwrap Tacos

Dinner’s Ready: Marie McGarry’s Crunchwrap Tacos

With the start of a new school year upon us and many families getting back into their dinner time routine, we’re thrilled to share another fabulous recipe with you! This […]

Dont Break The Bank

Don’t Break the Bank on Back-to-School

Summer is winding down and kids are preparing to start a new school year. This signifies an exciting new start for kids, but for parents, it can mean spending a […]

Unleashing Your Potential Send Kids Back to School with the BELL

Unleashing Your Potential:
Send Kids Back to School with the B.E.L.L.

One of my favorite shows as a teenager was Saved by the Bell. The lovable strategist Zack, along with the jock Slater, the nerdy Screech, the cheerleader Kelly, the feminist […]

Kathy Loomis Macon East Academy

August Teacher of the Month:
Kathy Loomis, Macon East Academy

This year marks 39 years in the classroom for our August Teacher of the Month, Kathy Loomis. For nearly four decades, she’s taught in the Alabama, Texas, Tennessee, and Georgia […]

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Prattville Area Student Spotlights-August 2021

Congratulations to these Prattville Area Students and Faculty. River Region Parents joins with their families and schools to celebrate their achievements! Pine Level Facility Dog Joins Summer School Pine Level [...]
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