Education Matters: Autauga County School (April 2024)

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We are officially on the downhill slide of this school year, but there’s still so much work to be done! We are currently right in the middle of meeting with our district’s stakeholders through a series of community-specific town hall-style meetings, which have been great opportunities to hear first-hand from families who have questions or concerns about the school system. These meetings have allowed me to share vital district and school information such as state report card data, legislative academic changes, online enrollment updates, finances, and most importantly, whatever is on the minds of our stakeholders. Sharing data-heavy information in a way that helps our families understand complicated and jargon-filled topics is a strategic priority as we desire to be transparent in all areas. We want to ensure all families have the information they need to make informed decisions in the best interest of their children.

Through these town hall meetings, we’ve also shared the district’s proactive approach to new educational legislation. Autauga County Schools is proud to have launched a new online enrollment system, which includes in-district and, hopefully coming soon, out-of-district enrollment policies that allow families living in the area to choose the school environment that is best for their children through an application and random selection process. As a former coach, I believe competition makes us better, so we eagerly anticipate how these seemingly small policies can significantly impact our school system. While these technological advances are transforming operational processes, we are also focusing on other community concerns, including outdated facilities, policy & process inconsistency, student behavior, and prioritizing student safety, with straightforward solutions designed to improve student success throughout the district.

This month, stakeholders are also enjoying another opportunity to share their feedback as the district opened this year’s student, teacher, and parent surveys. These completely confidential, third-party surveys allow stakeholders to share honest feedback about various areas of the district – the good, bad, and ugly. The data collected from these surveys will allow us to make a game plan to address the highest priority areas first, working through any weaknesses during the upcoming school year.

As always, I encourage you to connect with us so that together, we can make a difference in the lives of our students – our most precious and valuable asset.

Lyman Woodfin is a 17-year veteran of the school system having served as a classroom teacher, coach, and school administrator. Most recently, Lyman Woodfin was the Marbury High School principal, serving the 560-student school since 2018. During his tenure, he was credited with overhauling the curriculum offerings to meet all students’ educational needs, including adding new vocational classes in broadcasting, business, agriculture, and construction. He is married to Staci and they have five children who attend school in the district.


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