From the Editor December 2021

RRP December 21 Front Cover

Welcome to the 2021 Christmas Issue of River Region Parents!

After a tough 2020 holiday season, many of you are excited to resume your traditions with family and friends this year.

Some of you began new traditions by necessity last year and may have found that you really enjoyed the change up.

Now it’s time to decide whether to go back to the old, keep the new, or do a combination of both.

However, you intend to spend your holidays, this issue of River Region Parents will get you in the Christmas spirit and offer helpful advice for a low stress and joy-filled season!

If you tend to overspend on entertaining and gifts and end up regretting new year’s debt, check out Kimberly Blaker’s article, Holiday Savvy: Surviving the Season with Your Finances Intact. Next up, Janeen Lewis offers advice for curbing holiday burnout in Keep It Light: 10 Ways to Simplify the Season.

Giving the gift of experiences to cut down on shopping stress, farming out your to-do list, and “letting go of Martha” are just a few of the tips she shares. Be sure to check out all ten, plus Janeen’s Seven Holiday Hacks to Keep the Season Bright! If your child will be getting a new smartphone for Christmas, don’t miss this month’s Tweens, Teens, and Screens where Kristi Bush shares steps for Protecting Your Kids on Their New Devices.

While most local holiday activities shut down last year due to Covid-19, they are back up and running this December. Our Holiday Happenings Guide lists performances, holiday camps, Christmas light tours, parades, tree lightings and so much more. Many events are right here in the River Region and others would make a nice day trip once school lets out later this month.

Whether you choose to spend the holidays cozy at home in your PJs, loading up the car to visit family, or taking a family vacation somewhere warm, our family and staff at River Region Parents would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


DeAnne is the Editor and Co-Owner of River Region Parents who loves investing in her family, making lasting memories and deposits of love into each of their lives. As a wife, and mother of three, she understands the importance of having resources available to assist the family. That's why she's been passionate about publishing the best family content in the River Region.
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