From the Editor – November 2022

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Ready or not, the holiday season is upon us! Sometimes, Thanksgiving seems to fly by in a blur as stores push Christmas decorations beginning in October, and we all gear up to start our holiday shopping on Black Friday. But most of us can agree that focusing on thankfulness a little lon­ger would benefit our children and us.

In full transparency, I wish I had a more thankful heart throughout the year. Not long ago, I read a book entitled 1000 Gifts, which I highly recommend. As the title indicates, the author discusses how many big and small things we encounter daily, which are lovely gifts for which we can be thankful. Unfortunately, these gifts often get overshadowed by the troubles we face in life, for me at least. Therefore, I must be very intentional, especially during difficult times, to take a moment and recognize all the good around me daily. And there is so much!

Our kids also struggle with thankfulness, probably due less to difficulty and more because they are just used to having their needs met by others. As parents, we want them to understand that even though we will always provide for them, they should still have grateful hearts. This month, Sandi Schwartz’s article on practicing gratitude with children shares the science-backed benefits of thankfulness and five unique ways to journal gratitude with our kids. Even the most reluctant child may be willing to try the Blog or Audio Recording sugges­tion!

Whether you are a Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or “Last Minute” shopper (guilty, right here), we are all trying to find the best deals possible when buy­ing Christmas for our friends and family. And with inflation on the rise, that will undoubtedly be at the forefront of our minds this year. Kimberly Blaker offers ad­vice and a plan for Cashing in on Holiday Savings. Her shopping tips will help you save money whether you begin holiday shopping at midnight on Thanksgiv­ing or wait until the week before Christmas.

Finally, explore our Holiday Happenings Guide and plan to celebrate the season at parades, festivals, light displays, and much more. There are more than enough activities in the River Region and nearby to keep your family in the holiday spirit from now until Christmas Day!

Happy Thanksgiving, and thank you for letting us walk with you on your parenting journey!


DeAnne is the Editor and Co-Owner of River Region Parents who loves investing in her family, making lasting memories and deposits of love into each of their lives. As a wife, and mother of three, she understands the importance of having resources available to assist the family. That's why she's been passionate about publishing the best family content in the River Region.
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