From the Editor: November 2021

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For the last year or more, I had been pondering what type of volunteer work I might like to do locally. I remembered back to when my 94-year-old Nanny received her daily lunches from MACOA’s Meals on Wheels program, and how it blessed her to receive these hot meals she wasn’t able to cook for herself anymore.

However, there was more to the blessing. Many times, the volunteer who brought her lunch was the only person she saw that entire day. She and I would sometimes be on the telephone when her doorbell would ring and she would say,

“Let me call you back… they are here with my lunch.”

I could tell she looked forward to the warm greeting and smile waiting when she opened her door. With that in mind, I decided to look into being a driver for Meals on Wheels. My biggest block in moving forward was wondering if I truly had the time between my work and family responsibilities.

But, as I checked into it, I found that volunteers can sign up for as many or as few days as works for their schedules. So while I’m only delivering two days a month right now, I can and will increase if I see my schedule will allow it.

Each time I deliver, I try to remember my Nanny and bring that same experience, however brief, to the seniors on my list. I hope my greeting and smile brightens their day, but I know theirs brightens mine. And it feels good to know I’m helping others, even if only twice a month right now.

I share this story to encourage us that no amount of giving is too small. Maybe we think we don’t have enough time to make a significant impact, but “go big or go home” doesn’t apply here. Think of the phrase “a little means a lot” instead, and let’s give where we can!

With that in mind, check out this month’s feature, The Science of Giving and How It Can Help Our Kids, which not only shares how we can teach our children to be charitable, but reveals how giving can boost their happiness, promote social connection and encourage an attitude of gratitude.

Grace has already asked if she can come deliver meals with me sometime, so I plan to make that happen during her holiday break from school. You can’t beat a hot lunch delivered with a smile from a cute 10-year-old!

From all of us at River Region Parents, have a wonderful November and a Happy Thanksgiving!


DeAnne is the Editor and Co-Owner of River Region Parents who loves investing in her family, making lasting memories and deposits of love into each of their lives. As a wife, and mother of three, she understands the importance of having resources available to assist the family. That's why she's been passionate about publishing the best family content in the River Region.
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