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Looking back on 2021, what would you say was your proudest accomplishment and why?

EG: I’m not sure if I have a particular accomplishment for 2021. The past two years for everyone have been so unconventional, and I feel like figuring things out as best we can is a job well done.

You’re a mom and a charge nurse who works 10-hour days. What has helped you with the process of remaining present as a mom while treating COVID-19 patients throughout the pandemic?

EG: There is no doubt that this pandemic has added stress to all families. In the beginning, I remember coming home from work and feeling as if I had nothing left for my family. Being a nurse requires your best. We give 100% to our patients and team members. The pandemic not only takes a physical toll, but an emotional one. I am so thankful to my husband and children for their support. I have realized to be intentional with the time off that I have away from the hospital.

Having a 4th grader and a 9th grader do you feel that your parenting style shifts when dealing with each child, and why?

EG: Having both a high school teenager and an elementary child allows Kalonji and me the best and the crazy of both worlds. Our parenting style is pretty much the same for both. As a mom, my main goal is listening. But they are unique to themselves and require love in different ways. Kaleb is more focused on academics and football, and Lacey loves social life. She loves the arts, sports, and pretty much any extra activity she can manage.

You’re passionate about animal welfare and founded the first animal rescue in Alabama—Bama Bully Rescue in 2008. What inspired you to do this specifically for pit bulls?

EG: For as long as I can remember, animals and animal rescue have always been important. Studies show that pit bulls are the most misunderstood, overbred, and euthanized breed. In 2008, I met this phenomenal group of like-minded people while volunteering. We decided to put together a 501c3 foster-based rescue that would focus on bully breeds. I am no longer with the organization, but Bama Bully Rescue is still saving these dogs every day, and I will always consider myself an advocate for pit bulls and pit bull rescue.

Now that your children have returned to school from the holiday break, the school year is back in full swing, and it can be hectic. Do you have any mom time-saving hacks for 2022?

EG: I am always trying to find ways to help our weeks be a little less hectic. We try to plan, and planning a menu or dinner schedule for the week is always helpful. It can be pretty late when I get home. Kalonji will get dinner started many nights while I walk in and tackle homework most of the time. Flexibility and understanding that weeknight plans are always fluid is crucial with school-aged children and both parents working.

Your mom has been a great source of support for you and your family. As you mentioned, “My mom is everything.” How has she inspired you in the rearing of your children?

EG: My mom is a best friend to me! She was a single mom. And I know it was not always easy. She is probably the most selfless person I know. And now, she is there for my children, as well as my sisters’ three children. At the young age of 72, she still works full time, but manages to help me and Kalonji get our kids to school and activities if we are working. I honestly can’t imagine where I would be without her. She instilled in us the value of a good education and showed us that life is full of sacrifices and hard work to get to your goals.

How does your love for reading and indoor cycling keep you balanced as a mom?

EG: We recently became a Peloton family. While it was an investment, the entire family benefits from it. Often, I can’t get to a gym before or after work because of early hours and late-night homework, so having that in my home has been a game-changer. When I exercise, it helps with stress and provides “me” time. I think all moms need something that is just for them. Take time for self-care and recharge. I love to read fiction novels, and reading gives me a chance to immerse myself into another world or another time even. During the morning, while everyone is still asleep, I have the opportunity to grab a cup of coffee and a great book.

If you could give your younger self uncomplex advice with the highest impact/reward, what would it be?

EG: Life provides us with so many lessons as we grow. There have been many situations or challenges where I felt things were hopeless. I would tell my younger self to look at all those times I thought were challenging as stepping stones. They are just a stone on the path towards the beautiful life I’m building.

Elizabeth Green is a Montgomery native, and her husband of 16 years is Kalonji Green. They have two children: Kaleb and Lacey. Elizabeth has been a charge nurse for 20 years and works in the recovery unit at Baptist South.


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