Mom to Mom Interview with Ashley Jackson

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Some might call you a ‘Jane of all Trades’. Not only are you a mom and wife, but also a businesswoman. You’re an entrepreneur, author, business manager, and life + business coach. How do you balance it all?

AJ: Seriously, I have to give praises where they are due. God gives me strength. God and a Loaded Tea from MGM Nutrition or Capital City Nutrition get me through the day. I wear a lot of hats in my family. I’m honored that my family values me. The way that I balance is by giving myself grace and setting boundaries.

You have two children: Madison (12) and Maddox (4). With their age difference, what challenges have you faced?

AJ: If I had to think of one, I would say the difference in their personalities. One wants to cuddle, and one rarely wants to be bothered. As Maddox comes into his own little person, the parenting style I adopted with Maddie may have to be tweaked. As parents, sometimes I think we often try to put kids in one box. At least I did, especially with Maddie. I had the picture-perfect idea of having a girl and dressing her in all pink, with pretty bows, tea parties, etc. She doesn’t like pink, she didn’t like bows (I still made her wear them), and let’s not mention a tea party. But you know what, I’m okay with it. I’ve learned as a parent that sometimes our way may not be the best, and that’s okay.

What was the inspiration behind founding your business JAMM Resources LLC. in 2017?

AJ: The inspiration behind JAMM Resources came when I decided to leave my military career behind in 2017. While in the military, I obtained my Bachelor’s and specialized administrative experience, but when I decided to get out and search the civilian sector, I was Ashley Jackson highly disappointed. I could not find an occupation that would pay me my worth. One night my mom called me and asked if I could create an invoice for her. I created the invoice in less than 10 minutes and emailed it to her with the words, “You should be paying me to create these invoices for you.” And she replied, “I think other people should be paying you to do things like this for them.”And the light bulb came on! I think JAMM was birthed that night. I started making a list of all my Facebook friends who had businesses, and I jumped into their inboxes to pitch my services.

What is your proudest mom moment and why?

AJ: My proudest mom moment comes every day when I see those smiles on the kids’ faces. When I can lay down for the night and count my blessings and think back through my day, nothing outweighs interaction and conversation with them.

You served 11 years in the military. Thank you for your service. How did your military experience help bridge the gap towards being a mompreneur, helping other veteran women through your business.

AJ: When I began on the path to being a business coach and helping other veteran women start businesses, it was a no-brainer. When I established JAMM, I had to begin an entire mindset shift. As a soldier, I was given instructions on who, what, when, and where. Being my own boss, I had to rely on my expertise, I had to make up my procedures/policies, and I had no one to say, “Ashley, this is what we’re focusing on today.” The biggest shift for me was coming from under the command and walking into my own.

When you’re not in mommy mode with your kiddos or business mode, what are some hobbies that you enjoy during your me-time?

AJ: I like to enjoy long massages at Wind Creek Casino Wetumpka, a quiet car ride to walk the aisles of Target, and trips to Starbucks. I also enjoy reading and being involved in my local community.

As a certified John Maxwell Coach, what is one piece of advice that you can provide other moms who might be looking to venture out and start their own business?

AJ: Don’t be so hard on yourself, and give yourself grace. You’re doing an amazing job! When you take your strides and live in your purpose, you’ll begin to develop something valuable. The world awaits your gifts and talents; don’t keep them waiting too long.

As a millennial mom who does (all the things), how have your responsibilities helped you conquer motherhood?

AJ: Being a mom is challenging, but I’ve become a better communicator, especially with Maddie. I don’t look at things as rigidly as my mom and grandmother did. I may extend more grace and flexibility because of my own experiences. We can be working moms, stay-at-home moms, work-at-home moms, and business owners.

Ashley Jackson is a native of Millbrook and grew up and attended school in Montgomery. She currently lives in Prattville, AL.


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