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RRP: You transitioned from the military to pursue your business, Party on Purpose. How was that vision born?

JA: I’ve always loved hosting parties and events, so party planning came naturally to me. As a project manager in the Air Force, my professional skills paired well with my passion for planning parties. Party on Purpose was born from the desire to create more party options for children in the River Region.

RRP: How does your line of work help fellow moms out there?

JA: I like to tell my clients that our parties serve two purposes. One is to celebrate the child of honor, and the other is to reduce the stress of planning/hosting a birthday party for the mom. At Party On Purpose, we design packages to host at our client’s homes or venues of their choice. We provide fun and entertaining party packages and take care of the setup and breakdown, allowing moms (and dads) to enjoy the party instead of doing all the work themselves.

RRP: Having three children, ages three, seven and nine, who are involved in activities keeps you busy. How do you balance mom-life/work-life?

JA: Balancing can be difficult, but I do my best to organize and sync everyone’s schedules, including Party On Purpose, to ensure things run smoothly. I write a to-do list daily and outsource, when necessary, to help make everything work.

RRP: What advice would you give moms who desire to become entrepreneurs?

JA: Go for it! Getting started is the most challenging step. However, things come together, and you can always pivot, rebrand and repurpose along the way. Be willing to accept assistance and advice, and never give up. Success takes time, so buckle up and enjoy the journey!

RRP: What’s your favorite thing about being your boss on your terms?

JA: My favorite thing about being my boss is the flexibility to mother my children in the way my heart desires. As a military mom, I always feared leaving my children and missing their school events, sports, and other milestones. Since starting my business, I have been able to show up for them and prioritize motherhood in a way that makes me proud.

RRP: If you had to choose one mom mantra for yourself, what would it be?

JA: “Motherhood has revealed my strengths.” Since becoming a mom, I have learned that I am stronger than I sometimes give myself credit. My children inspire me to forge ahead and work hard because I know they look up to me.

RRP: Your creativity is a gift. Do you have any creative mom hacks to share with mom friends?

JA: Thank you. I believe everyone has talent. Use whatever your talent is and share that with your children. One thing I love to do is save my children’s school and artwork. I’ve created a binder for each child, filled them with document protectors, and I insert report cards, pictures, awards, art projects, letters, etc. It’s a simple and organized way to document their childhood, and I can make it as simple or creative as I’d like.

RRP: What has been the most challenging period of motherhood for you, and how did you deal with it?

JA: The hardest period of motherhood for me was going from one to two children. With my boys being two years apart, balancing new motherhood, being an active-duty military officer, and my own needs was difficult. I’ve since learned to prioritize my well-being because I am no good to my family if I can’t show up as my best self. I prioritize rest, exercise, wellness, and social interactions with my peers to ensure I don’t lose myself in the marathon of motherhood.

RRP: What are fun things that you enjoy doing with your children?

JA: We love to dance! We have several impromptu dance parties while cleaning up after dinner and on the weekends. I also enjoy attending their sporting events and traveling with them. It’s always so much fun introducing them to new things and hearing them laugh!

Jasmine Allen is from Cross, SC, and moved to Montgomery in 2014 to serve in the Air Force. She’s been married to JC Allen for eight years and they have three children: Byron (9), Tyson (7), and Jordyn (3).


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