Mom to Mom with Jennifer Richardson

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RRP: What inspired you to open your Designer Smiles Dental Studio?

JR: After working in public health­care that provided limited ser­vices, as an associate in private practice with limited autonomy, I became inspired to open my private practice. Doing this allows me the freedom to create a dental practice where I can focus on values that are important to me while providing quality care to my patients.

RRP: You’ve been a working mom for 15 years. How do you balance your professional and personal life?

JR: I have been practicing dentistry for 15 years and have been a working mom for ten. Because my kids are always a top priority, their needs will always come first. However, I also have patients and a team that depends on me (even though the requirements vary). So, to balance it all, I try my best to leave work at work.

RRP: You work with Jack and Jill of America. Tell us about the organization and how it impacts your life.

JR: Jack and Jill of America is a membership organization comprised of mothers with young children through high school who have the common goal of building productive citizens who are thoughtful and able to think critically and contribute to soci­ety. Being around like-minded mothers who educate their kids through volunteer work and leadership development makes me excited to know that my kids will make lifelong connections that can continue fostering positivity wherever they are.

RRP: What do you admire about your parents? How did their parenting style influence yours?

JR: Now that I am a business owner, I truly understand their work ethic and admire it. I respect that they may have had dif­ferent methods/styles of enforcing the rules, but they always presented a united front. Even though my dad is deceased, I can easily remember lessons learned while growing up and can incorporate their different parenting styles into how I raise my future leaders.

RRP: Do you and your husband have the same parenting style? What strategies do you use for the challenging times of parenthood?

JR: We have different parenting styles depending on the issue we are addressing. Sometimes I may be stricter while he is relaxed, or vice versa. We always confer with each other before addressing the kids. We always strive to present a united front.

RRP: How do you think you’ve changed as a mom over the years?

JR: Being a mom has changed me as a person. I am a stickler for time. However, I quickly learned when the kids were infants that sometimes you may be a little tardy, and I know to extend grace to people if they are late (within reason). In addition, there may have been a time when I was hesitant to treat myself. Now, after living a life focused on the kids and their schedules, I have no regrets about treating myself and enjoying life. I also appreciate my parents’ sacrifices while growing up, now more than ever.

RRP: Your children are involved in singing, modeling, and piano lessons. How did they develop a passion for these activities?

JR: My husband and I believe in exposing the kids to as much as possible. As a result, we feel our children will be more open to trying new things. Just like some kids (and adults), they pre­fer not to put in the extra work to hone their skills, but they do like to reap the benefit and accolades once they have reached the pinnacle of that activity.

RRP: What is your favorite mom hack?

JR: When going out (not a restaurant, but places such as the movies, amusement parks, etc.) I travel with straws, napkins, and disposable utensils because I like to be prepared. These items have also been needed since the pandemic started be­cause many businesses are dealing with supply issues.

Jennifer Richardson is a native of Montgomery, AL, and has been married to Anthony Richardson for 14 years. They have two children: Kassidy (10) and Karson (6).


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