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How do you stay connected with your husband of nine years?

Julie: My husband, Wes, is truly my best friend. Throughout the chaos of parenthood, he is someone I can laugh and have fun with. When things get hard, I lean on him. It’s not always easy, but we try to continue dating each other and having fun. When time permits, we play basketball, golf, and chess. We like staying active together and enjoy exercising at home to keep an eye on the kids while still having a good workout. We don’t have family nearby, so we incorporate home dates and frequently have dance parties with the kiddos.

How do you balance being a career professional and Mom to a five, three, and one-year-old?

Julie: I’m very blessed to be able to work a few days a week, so I’m home with my kids the majority of the time. I’m thankful for faith-based programs that I trust to look after my kids while I work, but thankful I can be home with them during these sweet little years. Wes is such an active and involved parent, and I couldn’t juggle kids/work/marriage without his support and encouragement.

Why do you encourage other moms to seek support through family and friends?

Julie: Because it truly takes a village. I love my kids beyond comprehension, but I also love their dad with the same intensity, and we need time to focus on each other without a poopy diaper, broken crayon, empty water bottle, or wardrobe malfunction ensuing the chaos it does. Parents need breaks for themselves and each other, and family and friends allow that to happen- to ground and reconnect.

You specialize in pelvic floor advice. How would you advise moms seeking help in this area?

Julie: I would not ignore bladder/bowel/sexual symptoms that bother you or impact your health. Often, we are told symptoms like leaking urine or pain with intimacy are normal. However, they are usually very treatable with pelvic floor physical therapy. I encourage moms, no matter if they had an easy or hard pregnancy/ labor/delivery, to see a pelvic floor PT to help with healing. Our bodies go through so much with pregnancy and childbirth, and many times we suffer from abdominal separation (diastasis recti), urinary incontinence, pelvic pain, constipation, prolapse, poor lifting/breathing mechanics – you name it – with little focus on rehabilitation postpartum.

How did your journey inspire you towards your career field?

Julie: Before I had kids, I was practicing treating outpatient orthopedics with the Army/DOD at Ft. Benning/Moore. Ortho PT is what people think of when they think of physical therapy – knee, hip, shoulder, and back pain. I never had pelvic health on my clinical radar until I felt broken after my first kiddo. I began taking CEU courses to help myself, fell in love with the specialty, and knew, without a doubt, I couldn’t gatekeep this info. We need more access to this specialty in the River Region, and I am delighted to offer it to the community at Pro Impact Physical Therapy.

During COVID, you were pregnant and a stay-at-home mom. How did you overcome those challenges?

Julie: Being pregnant twice during COVID-19 was not fun! I think we can all agree that was a season we are glad is behind us. I do try to look at it through rose-colored glasses. It was a scary time, especially being pregnant, but I was able to stay home and focus on my family. During that time, I did most of my education/training for pelvic health, so it was nice to focus on that without juggling other professional responsibilities. I was so ready to get back into the workforce and am very happy to do what I do.

If you could go back and change one thing about your parenting journey, what would it be?

Julie: Just remember to slow down and enjoy every second. Sometimes motherhood can be overwhelming with three littles, especially when each one needs me for something. I’m a type A personality, which can create a strong need for a regimen, but amongst the chaos of motherhood, I have learned the importance of stopping to smell the roses.

Rapid Fire Questions:

  1. Favorite indulgent/guilt-free dessert? Nutella
  2. Favorite movie as a child? Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
  3. Three adjectives your mother would use to describe you?
  4. Beautiful, talented, and brilliant
  5. Ordering out or cooking at home? I like cooking at home,
  6. especially when Wes is grilling!
  7. Something you had as a child that kids today don’t have?
  8. The freedom to explore and play outside.

Julie and Wes Moore have been married for nine years and have three children: Asa (5), Mabry (3), and Elodie (1). The family lives in Wetumpka.


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