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RRP: You have a twin sister and mentioned you can’t imagine life without her. How does she help you navigate motherhood?

KG: I had the benefit of my twin sister, Kira, starting her motherhood journey three years to the date before I did. She is my go-to for advice and encouragement, and I know she will give me her honest opinion even if we disagree, which is invaluable to me.

RRP: As a full-time attorney for the state of Alabama, how do you balance mom life and work life?

KG: I think every mom balances things differently. I know when I get home from the office or commute for work, my children are excited to see me and ready to tell me about their day. I may not always be at every activity or event, but I am blessed to have a wonderful husband who supports my professional goals. He is a true partner in ensuring that our girls get to where they need to go and communicating about everything during the busy workweek. My husband is a reservist in the United States Army. I typically have some weekends where I spend extra quality time with my girls, and I love to plan fun outings to fill that time.

RRP: As the mother of three young girls, what do you teach them specifically to nurture them into becoming responsible women?

KG: My girls must understand that commitment and responsibility go together. If you commit to something, you follow through with it. I am nurturing them to become responsible women by demonstrating my commitment/dedication to God, our family, and our community.

RRP: What was the most unexpected thing you’ve experienced as a mother?

KG: Before you have kids, everyone tells you how fast they will grow up. You don’t understand how true that is until you experience it yourself. In less than four years, Greg and I have gone from sharing our hopes for our future family to seeing our girls learn to walk, communicate, and develop their adorable personalities.

RRP: What role has your mother played in your parenting journey?

KG: My mother encouraged my sisters and me at a young age to try new things, express our opinions, and learn practical skills to become the strong women we are today. I have tried to emulate her open parenting style during my parenting journey.

RRP: How do you maintain your own identity as a mother?

KG: I try to make time for groups and activities that I connect with. Recently, I found a small group through my church with some amazing women, some mothers and others who were not. I felt like I defined myself by sharing and connecting with them on topics aside from motherhood.

RRP: Your girls are three, one, and four months. How do you handle challenging toddler behaviors with your children?

KG: I try to remember that most challenging behaviors are about getting attention. Although I usually try to get everyone calmed down, I try to make time to spend some one-on-one time with whichever one of my girls has had a rough day. It is also sometimes a great lesson in not taking things personally.

RRP: How do you deal with mom guilt?

KG: In the era of social media, it is sometimes hard to avoid comparing yourself to others. As a mother, I have tried to operate according to my personal standards and parenting goals. It has become a bit easier now having three children, as I cannot be in three places at once or keep everyone happy all of the time.

RRP: How does your involvement with The Junior League of Montgomery and being a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. impact you as a mom?

KG: Being a part of service-focused organizations has instilled the values of service to the community and being grateful for what I have. I want to pass those values on to my children.

RRP: What is your greatest strength as a mother?

KG: I think my greatest strength as a mother is wearing many hats. I am a comforter, a teacher, a doctor, an advocate, and a role model all in one, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Kaasha Griffin has been married to Greg Griffin, Jr. for six years. The couple has three girls: Olivia Mae (3), Abigail Jean (1), and Ivy Lane (four months). The family resides in Montgomery, AL.


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