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RRP: How do you balance life being a mother to eight children?

KW: I am a highly organized person and use several apps and reminders to keep up with appointments, activities, and obligations. I also try to spend quality time with my family and plan for vacations and adventures. I want my children to know that they are valued and loved despite how busy my schedule might be throughout the years.

RRP: How do you handle feeling overwhelmed as a mother?

KW: I try to take time out for myself and go out with other moms for monthly activities such as playing bunko or going to dinner. Self-care is necessary for my overall well-being. Finding quiet time to decompress or reflect is vital. I also have a spouse who is always willing to help meet family needs.

RRP: You have three adopted children. What advice would you give to parents who are contemplating adoption?

KW: The adoption process can be challenging, but it is also the most rewarding experience we have encountered as parents. As parents who have adopted through the foster care system and internationally, we had to prepare ourselves with the required classes and resources to ensure we were equipping ourselves for all the challenges that were to come. We also made sure to join several support groups and surround ourselves with a village of support.

RRP: How do you handle criticism or negative feedback about your parenting?

KW: As a large family, in today’s society, we are often judged for our choice of having several children, but we know that the Lord ordained our steps to take care of all the precious children He has entrusted us with. We take on that responsibility because it’s in our hearts to love and value them as our children.

RRP: What was the journey like when you and your husband were foster parents?

KW: We were foster parents for several years. We were blessed to be able to come alongside these children and their families for however long they were placed in our home, supporting them through their journey. The need for foster families in our county is tremendous, and we are thankful we were able to play a role in providing care for children in need.

RRP: Your youngest three children have special needs (cerebral palsy, autism, and fetal alcohol syndrome). How is your support from their school(s) and community?

KW: We are blessed to have an excellent school system. When looking for a home in Alabama, we chose our town based on the quality of special needs education our school system offered. We are also blessed to be able to send one of our daughters to a private Christian school that can accommodate her learning challenges and meet her educational needs. We’re included with open arms in our community. They always provide an inclusive atmosphere for our family.

RRP: How do you handle challenging behaviors with your children?

KW: Our parenting looks different for each of our children based on their specific needs. We try and help them work through their challenges with love, consistency, and support.

RRP: What has been the most rewarding experience you have had as a mother?

KW: Seeing my children grow into kind, compassionate, and thoughtful individuals is rewarding. When that outcome happens, I feel like I’ve done something right as a mom. As we experienced being foster parents, our children have learned to sometimes put the needs of others before their own. When my children open their hearts to others, that teaches them valuable lessons as they transition into adulthood.

RRP: Why would you recommend Children’s Harbor at Lake Martin to parents with special needs children?

KW: We have been blessed as a family to attend camps at Children’s Harbor for several years now. We can go to specific ones that allow us to meet families encountering the same challenges. We also attend every year with our Magic Moments family, the only wish-granting organization devoted exclusively to creating magic moments in the lives of children in Alabama with chronic life-threatening or severe life-altering conditions.

Kim Woods has been married to Nathan Woods for 16 years. The couple have eight children: Nik (26), Aurora (22), Lydia (16), Chloee (14), Chanelle (13), Angelina (12), Anastasia (11) and Layla (3).


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