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RRP: Having two children ages five and thirteen, how do you deal with the transitions that accompany them growing up?

LD: As my children get older, I realize they will face different circumstances, and I want them as prepared as possible to handle life throughout their adolescent/teenage years into adulthood. Therefore, I encourage self-expression and independence. As a mother, it helps me adjust to the transition if I can help them by encouraging spirituality, loving others, respecting their peers, and being culturally exposed.

RRP: How do you create a positive and supportive community for your family?

LD: I try to lead by example and expose myself to positive and supportive people. When my children see that, I encourage them to do the same. Also, I listen to my children and make them feel comfortable discussing anything with me. As a mother, I want them to feel supported and heard.

RRP: How do you encourage your children to pursue their passion and interests?

LD: I encourage them to stay authentic to themselves. If they are passionate about something, I encourage them to believe in themselves and know they can accomplish anything they set their minds to. I often remind them that challenges may arise, but to persevere and keep going. Their hard work and dedication will pay off. I let them know that I’m their biggest supporter and will always be there for them, cheering them on.

RRP: How do you maintain your own identity while being a mother?

LD: I take the opportunity to incorporate time with friends and do things that bring me joy and mental stability. I enjoy playing tennis with the River Region Tennis Teams and working out when time permits. In addition, I love going to church and fulfilling my needs spiritually. In my spare time, I enjoy leading small groups. It’s a way to connect with other women and a passion I thoroughly embrace.

RRP: You’ve been married for nine years. How do you stay connected with your partner while being a mother?

LD: I stay connected to my partner by planning date nights. We have couple’s groups and get-togethers for date nights at various businesses in Montgomery. We connect with other couples to keep us grounded because I feel that iron sharpens iron. We enjoy our alone time, even if it’s just a night staying in without the kids. We love trying new foods and restaurants and enjoy getting pedicures together when time permits.

RRP: You’re a Recreational Therapist. How do you use your expertise to handle difficult conversations about mental health or emotional well-being with your children?

LD: I use my expertise in many ways, and it is not necessarily the talks we have but the experiences I try to give them. I want them to be emotionally and mentally healthy, so I expose them to different people, situations, experiences, and places. That is why having good friends, a supportive family, and a spiritual background are crucial to me. All of this ties into what I do daily, and having a healthy leisure lifestyle and positive outlet are all essential to being a healthy person holistically.

RRP: What have you learned about yourself through motherhood?

LD: I have learned a lot about myself. To be strong, caring, courageous, and loving. No matter what I do or try to instill in my children, they have their own minds and eventually make their own decisions. I trust myself and God that I’m being the best mommy I can be to my two heartbeats. I get teary-eyed thinking about it because I love being their mom. I learned there is no perfect way or rule book for parenting. You have to roll with it, especially when you have a teenager. It’s okay to make mistakes in parenting, and you need a support system to back you up. It does take a village, but overall I have learned that being a mommy is the best thing that has happened to me, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

LaVonda Daniels has been married to Keith Daniels for nine years. They have two children: Kayden (13) and Avielle (5). LaVonda grew up in Mobile, AL, and currently resides in Montgomery, AL.


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