Teacher of Month: Telisa Warren, Lee High School

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Going into her ninth year of teaching, Telisa Warren is pursuing what she loves in a family environment at Lee High School. She is a proud graduate of Alabama State University with a master’s in Secondary Mathematics Education. She shares, “This year has not come without challenges, but we (my students and I) have overcome them together. I am not perfect. But whatever I can do for my students, they know I will do it for them. I love my students.”

Mrs. Warren had the privilege to observe several different classes before she chose to teach. She witnessed so many students struggling in their math classes that she became a tutor. Eventually, she realized this would not be enough and believed she could make a bigger impact as a teacher. Her philosophy as a lifelong learner is every child deserves an equal opportunity to learn. Every child deserves the right to a positive classroom environment in which they feel safe, respected, and highly regarded by the educator.

It is Mrs. Warren’s goal to meet the needs of her students so that they may reach their full potential and also to erase the stereotypical ideas of learning mathematics. She would like to see students enjoy learning mathematics. Mrs. Warren understands that every student learns differently, and she prides herself on constructing an environment to act as a facilitator, delivering learning through exploration of individual curiosity. She makes sure her students understand that the classroom is a no-judgment zone.

While getting candid with Mrs. Warren, she explained that teachers not only impart content knowledge. They do so much more. They spend the majority of their time with students. Their students come to them with different circumstances, and they do their best to meet them where they are and direct them. Teachers give their students the tools they need to be successful. “We are the school moms, the nurses, the counselors. We carry a heavy load daily, even when the students are not in our presence. We are role models.”

Congratulations, Mrs. Telisa Warren, on being named River Region Parents’ Teacher of the Month! We appreciate all you do!

Telisa Warren has been married to Eddie B. Warren II for nearly 17 years. They have three children: E’Lisa (13), Telia (11), and Elisha (three).

River Region Parents
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