Teacher of the Month:
Ali King, Saint James School

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Ali King has been an elementary school teacher for six years, one as a science lab coordinator and five as a kindergarten teacher. Her career journey has been fully devoted to Saint James School in Montgomery. Mrs. King shares why being a kindergarten teacher has been the best transition for her.

“I had always heard kindergarten is a magical year. Until you experience it, it’s hard to describe. It is such a big year for childhood growth and development, but there is still the play aspect that fills every day with joy. Saint James focuses on academic success, but it does this in the best way by incorporating play, character education, and allowing students the opportunity to explore.”

In the classroom, Mrs. King believes that every student has the potential to bring something new and unique to this world. She believes that it is her responsibility to help her students learn and believe they are capable individuals. Her vow as a teacher is to guide students as they search for knowledge and the answers to life’s questions. Ali candidly shares,

“I think all teachers are lifelong learners naturally. And I hope and pray that every student who walks through my classroom door leaves as a lifelong learner.”

Undeniably, Ali King is setting the bar of high standards in her classroom as an educator. She understands that when she steps into her classroom each day, there are endless opportunities to improve the art of teaching. As teaching is an ever-evolving profession, she continues to reinvent her passion.

One of Mrs. King’s goals is to strengthen her classroom culture. She explains,

“Thankfully, in kindergarten, there are several ways to work toward this goal. I always stress at the beginning of the school year that we are a little family. That means we will experience ups and downs. I want to hold more class meetings to focus on gratitude, and I would also like to find shared goals we can all work toward together. I would love to find more ways to give students “shoutouts” or compliments. I want to build their confidence because I know that will take my students far in life.”

Congratulations, Mrs. King!
We honor you as River Region
Parents Teacher of the Month.

Ali King was born and raised in Montgomery, and is a proud Saint James Trojan. After completing college at Auburn University, she returned home to Montgomery. Ali is married to Will King, and they have a two-year-old daughter named Palmer.


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