Teacher of the Month: Bonnie Capps, Saint James School

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Teacher Appreciation Week is the first week of May, which means teachers get five days to savor our appreciation. It’s an opportunity to say (thank you) to those who play a significant role in our lives.

We’re honoring a deserving teacher for May’s Teacher of the Month, Bonnie Capps. A kindergarten teacher at Saint James School, she exemplifies a passion-driven teaching style of empowering young minds, and provides meaningful connections inside her classroom.

Mrs. Capps’ love for teaching started at a tender age, and she always knew impacting children was a passion deeply rooted in her heart. She explains, “As a little girl, I loved playing teacher with my dolls and friends. I am a fourth-generation teacher in my family, so I think it runs in my blood!”

Mrs. Capps earned a Sociology degree from Auburn University and a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Spring Hill College in Mobile. She’s been teaching for eight years and currently teaching in her third year at SaintJames. She loves the culture and community there, along with the sense of family, enrichment classes, academics, and great leadership. TheseBonnie CappsSaint James Schoolattributes made determining where to plant her roots effortless.

Mrs. Capps goes on to say, “Kindergarten specifically holds a special place in my heart. Although teaching children to read and write is a large part of kindergarten, it is a year that embraces and encourages exploration, creativity, play, singing, dancing, and all the fun things that are also super important for this age.”

Mrs. Capps continues to practice and master her craft of teaching through creativity and professional development courses to plan for each new school year. As a teacher, she desires to set standards and expectations high; however, attainable for her future leaders. By accomplishing this, she establishes an environment for her students to feel loved and secure, making every minute count while being intentional to keep them fulfilled and engaged throughout the day.“

I never want to become complacent, and I always want to challenge myself to evolve and embrace new teaching styles and techniques.

Bonnie Capps has been married to her husband, Matthew, for almost 13 years and has two children, Mary Nell (8) and Charlotte (6), and both attend Saint James.

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