Teacher of the Month: Connie Dacus, Success Unlimited Academy

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For 28 years, Connie Dacus has been educating the minds of young people in Alabama schools. After nearly three decades, she retired in 2020 from higher education. Ms. Dacus holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Health, Physical Education and a minor in Recreation from Alabama State University.

After retiring from higher education, she transitioned back to her roots in early childhood education as a kindergarten teacher. As a former military spouse, Ms. Dacus explains,

“I felt I needed to bloom where I was planted, so I taught pre-k, kindergarten, and first grade in my early years of teaching. I chose kindergarten again because that’s where the love for learning is forever embedded in our children, and I wanted to be a part of that process.”

Choosing to teach at Success Unlimited Academy, Ms. Dacus felt she could contribute to our youth, and in particular, help the extensive number of children dealing with learning issues due to the COVID-19 interruption.

For Ms. Dacus, teaching has always been a gift, and she knows that she’s helping chart a purpose-driven course for each child she impacts.

“I know my nurturing and guidance will build a foundation that they can always reach back to and say, I remember my teacher saying, you can do it because I will help you. Personally, it is an investment in lives, and I am proud to play a part in that every day.”

Along with her passion and dedication to teaching future leaders, Ms. Dacus has various teaching goals she strives for daily inside her classroom. Her philosophy is to be present during the moment because today counts. Teach each child as though they were your own because you learn and promote empathy. Thirdly, always be honest with parents even though it may be difficult. They deserve that from teachers.

Once she finally retires from teaching, Ms. Dacus plans to travel and visit places with her mom and sister, spend time where she grew up as a child, and spend more time with her children and grandchildren.

Connie Dacus has three children: Angelo, Heather, and Dorian. She has four grandchildren: Madison, age 12 and a competitive dancer; Tyler, age 11, who loves playing baseball and basketball; Afini, almost three and who loves school and her friends; and Asalie, age one and so adventurous.


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