Teacher of the Month: Freida Gatewood, Montgomery Christian School

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After retiring from teaching for the state for three decades, Freida Gatewood was searching for her next career. Her niece, familiar with Montgomery Christian School, suggested she contact the director/principal there. Now, Ms. Gatewood is in her fifth year of teaching kindergarten with MCS. She shares,” It’s been an opportunity to give back to the city where I grew up. I love the mission of providing an academically challenging Christian education to families with limited school choice.”

Freida Gatewood graduated from Auburn University with a degree in early childhood education. Her mother was a Pre-K teacher and co-director of Frazer Kindergarten.

Being a teacher of young children means developing a lot of patience and perseverance. It’s also similar to the role of a parent, as the children spend multiple hours with their teachers. As a teacher, you care for their physical needs while instructing and helping to shape their lives for the future. Ms. Gatewood shares, “I wish more people understood the tremendous amount of time and effort that goes into teaching, and it doesn’t end at 3 p.m. when the students go home. It’s a job that most teachers take home with them every evening, on weekends, and during June and July when students are out of school.”

Regarding success in her classroom, Ms. Gatewood ensures her professional goals are achieved to reach every student. Three of her goals have been to stay informed about the best practices in education and always continue to learn and grow as an educator. She also strives to make learning fun and engaging. Finally, she makes it a point to show God’s love to the children because so many need love and nurturing.

When Ms. Gatewood finally departs from the classroom, she would like to continue working with children through tutoring small groups in reading. And additionally, training or mentoring new teachers in early childhood education.

Freida Gatewood currently lives in Auburn with her Golden Retriever, Samford, who’s 11 years old. In her free time, she enjoys camping, hiking, and practicing yoga.


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