Teacher of the Month: Jessi Hayes, Hooper Academy

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Jessi Hayes played all sports growing up and desired to be a coach because of her love for sports. She played basketball at Huntingdon College and loved volleyball, too. Not only did her passion for sports inspire her to be a coach, but she wants to help athletes learn life lessons to help them as they become adults. Mrs. Hayes desires to see the young adults she pours so much into being the best they can be at anything they attempt to do. She wholeheartedly believes in them and their dreams and wants them to know God has a plan for them. She wants them to put in the work and use the talents He gave them.

Mrs. Hayes graduated from Huntingdon with a degree in Physical Education and a minor in Science. In 2015, she began teaching at Hooper Academy in Hope Hull, AL. Jesse enjoys her career as a teacher and feels that being a positive influence on students and showing them the importance of continuing to learn throughout life will help in many ways. As a teacher, she has an obligation to her students. Mrs. Hayes has taken a personal vow of responsibility to instill greatness and a passion for learning and shaping the minds of our future leaders. She wants people to understand how much teachers want their students to succeed in school and life. “Some days are extremely difficult, but all the work put into teaching is for my students.”

Through her dedication, she implements several teaching goals: to make sure the students enjoy learning in her classroom, to ensure her students know she’s there anytime they need someone to talk to, and to help each student improve their work ethic, which will help in classes, at home, athletics, college, or work.

Mrs. Hayes shares, “I am an alumnus of Hooper Academy. I had some amazing teachers, two of whom I work with currently. So, I continue learning from them. I am blessed to be a teacher and coach at Hooper and to be around amazing co-workers, students, and families!”

Jessi Hayes has been married to Chris Hayes for six years. They have a son, Noah, who’s one year old.


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