Teacher of the Month: Joseph Proctor, Evangel Christian Academy

Teacher of the month RRP March 23

Joseph Proctor is committed to the mission of Evangel Christian Academy. As he enters the doors of the institution, he proudly represents their mission. Through quality academic instruction, imparting Biblical values, and providing activities designed to foster spiritual, academic, and social growth, ECA works to help each student reach their potential in Christ.

After graduating from the University of Memphis with a degree in Secondary Education with an emphasis on Physical Education and Sociology, he put his degree to use on and off the court. As a coach, he learned to foster conditions in which deep reflection and learning took place, including powerful conversations, valuable teaching moments, and taking risks to shape the minds of young adults.

For 34 years, Coach Proctor dedicated his life to serving as a division one college basketball coach at Drake, Baylor, Ole Miss, University of Missouri-KC, and Alabama State University, until he desired to transition into Joseph Proctor Evangel Christian Academy the classroom and teach 11th-grade U.S. History and all grades of Physical Education. With an impressive professional track record, Joseph Proctor is imprinted on the hearts of many with four Hall of Fames around the country: Basketball Hall of Fame University of Memphis, Southwest Community College, University of Missouri- Kansas City Team, and Knoxville, Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame (1994).

Upon entering the classroom, the professional development laid the foundation to build intellect, shape behaviors and practices, and instill beliefs and values among his students. He creates a safe space for students to grow, excel, and build relationships with Christ.

Coach Proctor desires to teach students to be great citizens and always respect people. In addition, he strives to help kids develop positive attitudes within society and stay on track when they face adversity.

Joseph Proctor has been married to Evelyn Proctor for 18 years. He has two step-grandchildren: Tyler Worthy Phillips and Wynter Rose Worthy.


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