Teacher of the Month: Katherine Ward, Redland Middle School


For more than two decades, Katherine Ward has taught English Language Arts in the Elmore County school system. In 2009, she assisted with the opening of Redland Elementary school. Mrs. Ward knew fifth and sixth grades would be relocating to the new middle school, so when the selection process for faculty took place for RMS, she entered her name into the teaching transfer portal. Katherine’s former principal at RES, currently the principal at RMS, offered her the opportunity to teach English Language Arts for fifth grade. Mrs. Ward says, “I love the Redland community, and I’m thrilled to continue working in the Elmore County school district.”

Katherine obtained an undergraduate degree in Family and Child Development and a Master of Science degree in Elementary Education from Auburn University. During graduate school, she participated in lab assignments with all grade levels and all subjects. Her internship was with a departmentalized 6th grade class at the former Head Elementary School with Mrs. Cathy Murphy, who taught reading. Mrs. Ward has taught every subject throughout her teaching tenure, but English Language Arts and Social Studies are her favorites.

Katherine shares,” Being a teacher means advocating for my students. They need someone to believe in them, fight for them, encourage them, support them, love them, and teach them. I had wonderful teachers who did those things for me, so becoming a teacher provided a means for me to pay it forward.”

When it comes to ensuring her students are successful, Katherine goes above and beyond. She understands teaching is not a 7 AM – 3 PM or Monday through Friday profession. Instead, it requires extended time and dedication. “I work on weekends, holidays, and during the summer because I care about my students and want the absolute best for them,” Mrs. Ward shares.

She is passionate about her students and wants every student to experience success. However, she also wants them to know it’s okay to make mistakes. She believes when students experience failure, they learn what needs to be changed or improved to make the next attempt better and become problem solvers.

Katherine Ward is married to Maxwell Ward, and they have a daughter, Maggie, who’s 25 years old. Katherine was born in Selma, but has lived in Montgomery her entire life.


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