Teacher of the Month: LaTonya Sanders, Jeff Davis High School

Teacher of the month lotonya sanders jeff davis

One of Jeff Davis High School’s dedicated teachers, Latonya Sanders, shares her passion for education and shaping the minds of youth.

“I have always been interested in trying all levels of education, and Jeff Davis was the perfect opportunity for me to work with young adults teaching career prep and technology.” During her first year of teaching, Ms. Sanders pledged to assist students and model how to become lifelong learners. She is dedicated to helping students obtain the skills to ensure they are ready for adulthood. She graduated from Alabama State University with a B.S. degree in Physical Education, M.S. in Physical Education, and an M.S. in Applied Technology.

Ms. Sanders believes the transition to high school is critical, and that students should be ready to make decisions about college and life after high school.

“I am committed to helping my students set goals to plan and prepare for their future. I was once a high school student, and a mentor from Alabama State University helped me more than anything during those years.”

Ms. Sanders is also an advocate for en­couraging students to think outside the box and be unique. She believes every teacher should motivate students to understand the importance of education and the reward and celebration of walk­ing the stage on their big day.

Her classroom goals include improving her students’ academic performance, developing great character, and promoting positive mental health habits. Ms. Sanders dedicates herself to hold­ing firm standards/goals because this helps her compete with the changes in students’ needs. “I motivate my students to work hard and do their best work. Many students struggle academically because they are not committed, and in some cases, they lack the skills needed to be successful. Developing character and mental health are two other areas of importance to student success.”

Latoya has defined her role as a teacher/men­tor who genuinely cares about the well-being of students. With that in mind, she looks for oppor­tunities to engage students to help them master skills, show respect and think about how the choices they make today will affect tomorrow and the future.

Latonya Sanders has taught in Montgomery Public Schools for 17 years. Her favorite quote to live by is: “Whatever you choose for a career path, remember the struggles along the way are meant to shape you for your purpose.” (Chadwrick Boseman)


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