Teacher of the Month: Oliver McLemore, Trinity Presbyterian School

Teacher of the month RRP June 2023

In addition to being skilled educators, middle school teachers impact children in many ways. They guide students through some of their most formative years as they transition from elementary school, preparing them for the knowledge and skills they’ll need in high school and beyond. During the middle school years, teachers help develop, motivate, and nurture learning. And that’s exactly what this teacher of the month demonstrates in Montgomery, AL.

Mr. Oliver McLemore is a 6th-grade Geography and 8th-grade U.S. History educator, plus JV soccer coach at Trinity Presbyterian School. He graduated from Auburn University and obtained his degree in Education with Social Studies specification.

Mr. McLemore became a middle school teacher because junior high students are impressionable and eager to learn. He shares,

“It’s exciting because you never know what their conversations will be about or their actions.”

In addition to teaching, Mr. McLemore has had a passion for playing soccer since childhood. As an adult, he continued his love for the sport coaching soccer in Budapest, Hungary.

While teaching and shaping the lives of our youth, Mr. McLemore has goals he applies in his classroom. First, encourage students to be lifelong learners, as this instills a mindset of growing, learning, and impacting others. Also, motivate students to think on their feet, to be able to discuss topics with people who have opposing viewpoints, and remain authentic in their morals and faith. Finally, take advantage of utilizing technology, but also understand it’s necessary to use traditional and unconventional methods.

Teachers play a valuable role in molding young minds and encouraging them to see the world outside of their immediate daily operations. As Mr. McLemore practices pedagogy, he encourages students to stop and think instead of just memorizing or reacting. Further, he feels that education is always best with support from home because children need to experience a community of people encouraging them through knowledge and wisdom.

After retirement, Mr. McLemore would love to retire with his wife on a quiet river with moderate outdoor work and activities.

Oliver McLemore has been married to Pamela for 16 years. They have five children (including two sets of twins): Thomas (14), Rebi (13), Charlie (13), Sadie (10), Joseph (10).


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