Teacher of the Month: Teshia Brown, Halcyon Elementary School

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When you think of a preschool teacher, some things that come to mind are nurturing, encouraging, and engaging. They are the first teachers to make an impact on children and parents. They shape the foundation for young minds at an early age.

Teshia Brown, a Pre-K Lead Teacher at Halcyon Elementary, is passionate about her craft. She shares, “It’s something about the early learning experiences I enjoy, and through prayer, where God led me. To be transparent, I will always be a child at heart and feel I can identify with their needs more than older children. I love the art of learning through play and how it impacts their development.

Mrs. Brown graduated with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from Alabama State University in Early Childhood Education. She uses her skills to master the art of learning, and teaching doesn’t feel like work. She explains, “The old saying that if you love what you are doing, it’s not work. That’s how I feel about teaching. It’s allowed me to do what I love. It’s allowed me to be a part of my student’s foundation. I ensure they are strong emotionally, physically, mentally, socially, etc. No bullying on my watch, and giving them some love along the way is the cherry on top. I try to teach them like they are my own.”

Like all teachers, Mrs. Brown has three goals in her classroom: To nurture healthy relationships with the child, develop family relationships (because they are all in it together), and ensure learning through play. It should be productive, engaging, and hands-on. Teshia believes students hold onto information when it is memorable and impacts them the most. “No one child is the same, and you have to be able to differentiate your daily instruction based on each child’s needs and exposure.”

After teaching, she would still like to involve children in her life in some way during retirement. Whether that is becoming a child advocate, adjunct instructor, daycare mom, or nurturing grandmother, she’s not finished helping children.

Teshia Brown has two daughters: Ariel (22), who just graduated from Florida A&M, and So’Nia (18), headed to The University of Alabama in the fall.


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