Unleashing Your Potential:
Send Kids Back to School with the B.E.L.L.

Unleashing Your Potential Send Kids Back to School with the BELL

One of my favorite shows as a teenager was Saved by the Bell.

The lovable strategist Zack, along with the jock Slater, the nerdy Screech, the cheerleader Kelly, the feminist Jesse, and my “ex-girlfriend” Lisa were all a part of my Saturday mornings.

Although the show was fictitious because most of the episodes happened in the school’s hallways, I was still able to relate to the characters in the different plots and twists that would happen.

I loved how each of the characters were different in their own way and were embraced because of the differences, instead of embarrassed by their differences.

Bayside High School gave the characters a sense of normality and community. I bring up Saved by the Bell because we are about to start back to school, and although there may be differing opinions from the kids, I know that almost all parents are saying: “Thank God.”

Nevertheless, I know parents and kids may still have a certain level of anxiety when it comes to returning to school, whether in-person or virtual.

There really isn’t an easy solution when it comes to which is better.

However, before your kids go back to “class”, I want to share with you a few encouraging tips to keep them motivated and encouraged, and to let them know that they are saved by the B.E.L.L.

Doubt is birthed from unbelief. It’s easy to give in to situations and circumstances that you haven’t even encountered yet. If you go into a battle believing you will lose, you will.


Parents, there are four words that can soothe your child’s doubts and calm their fears, and they are, “I believe in you.”

*Believe that your child will do his best.

*Believe that your child has the ability to overcome any obstacle.

*Believe that your child will be obedient and honor his teachers.


Equip your children with the necessary tools to prepare them for the upcoming school year. Yes, they need the paper, pencils, markers and crayons, but we need to cover them the most in PRAYER. Most of our days are consumed with work and worry, especially when it comes to the well being of our kids. When my girls are at daycare, I do wonder and worry at times if they are okay, but my wife and I cover them in prayer. Prayer not only protects my family, but it also gives us strength in our times of weakness. It gives us peace because we give the power back to whom it belongs.


Listen to your children. Go beyond the question, “How was your day?” Be specific. Get in their business! Let them know that you are their biggest supporter. Allow them to feel comfortable talking to you. Jane Nelson wrote, “Children will listen to you after they feel listened to.” Take the time to hear what they are saying even when they are not talking.


I don’t know if texting has become the new form of communication, but I believe there’s still something special about a beautifully hand-written note to your children. Maybe you can write a note before they wake up to start their day. If your schedule doesn’t permit you to do it daily, do it weekly. I believe children will love a daily/weekly affirmation. It can be very jovial and light-hearted. Let them guess a riddle to wake up their minds as well as their bodies. I believe your children will love it and it will give them something to look forward to in the mornings.

I pray blessings on your family as we embark on another school year. I’m pretty excited because this will be year 20 for me as a teacher! Until next time…unleash!


Keon Addison is a 5th grade teacher of 19 years at Wares Ferry Road Elementary. He and his wife, Jennifer, have two beautiful girls, Ashlyn and Keona. Keon is the visionary/coach of Unleashed Potential Fitness where he hosts bootcamps, group training, and personal training. He is also a lifestyle coach for the Wellness Coalition teaching people how to delay and/or prevent type 2 diabetes.
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