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You became a mom at the young age of 19. How did that change your life?

Nieves: Becoming a mom at 19 brought new responsibilities and challenges, but it also taught me resilience, maturity, and the importance of prioritizing my children’s well-being alongside my growth and development. Suddenly, there’s a child to care for, which involves constant attention and responsibility. This can mean prioritizing the child’s needs over personal desires and activities. Young mothers often face challenges in continuing their education or pursuing career goals due to the demands of parenting. Balancing childcare with work or studies can be a juggling act.

As a self-taught chef and business owner of Soul Revival Cookhouse, how does your busy schedule impact motherhood?

Nieves: My busy schedule as a chef and business owner requires careful time management and support from my family to balance my professional commitments with being present for my children in meaningful ways. While a busy schedule can pose challenges to motherhood, it also presents opportunities for growth, resilience, and demonstrating to children the importance of hard work and pursuing passions. Effective time management, support systems, and self-care are essential in navigating these dual roles successfully.

What has the journey of raising two boys with your husband looked like for you as a woman and mom?

Nieves: Having two boys, 18 and 16, I found that each family’s journey is unique, shaped by individual personalities, dynamics, and circumstances. My role as a woman and mother in raising teenage boys involves guiding them with love, patience, and understanding as they navigate the complexities of adolescence and prepare for adulthood.

Your children are respectful and receive honorable grades in school. How do you guide your children while fostering a strong relationship with them?

Nieves: Fostering a strong relationship with my children involves actively listening and showing empathy. Also, spending quality time together, setting clear boundaries with love, and being a consistent source of support and encouragement. Finding quality time to spend with children amidst work commitments is vital. Making the most of moments together during meals, bedtime routines, or dedicated family time becomes a priority.

How do you feel about your oldest transitioning to college at Troy University?

Nieves: As a parent, I experience a mix of emotions along with pride in his growth and achievements. Watching him grow up and teaching him how to become a young adult has been rewarding. As a mother, I’m allowing myself to trust that I’ve taught him how to make good choices. Also, the reality of him preparing to be away from home gives me some apprehension.

How do you overcome the challenging moments of parenthood, and what have you learned from it?

Nieves: I overcome challenging moments of parenthood by staying patient, seeking support when needed, and learning that resilience and flexibility are essential for my and my children’s growth.

What advice would you give to young mothers who feel lost?

Nieves: Reach out for support from friends, family, or community resources, trust your instincts, prioritize self-care, and know that it’s okay to ask for help when needed. Relying on a support system is valuable. Whether it’s a partner, family member, or trusted caregiver, having people who can help with childcare allows for more balance in managing roles effectively.

Rapid Fire Questions:
Favorite song to dance and sing to? Proud Mary by Tina Turner
What brings you the most joy? Motherhood
Who was your childhood idol? My oldest brother and Mother
Night out on the town or a quiet, relaxing evening at home?
A quiet night at home with my wine, blanket, and Netflix.
Favorite catchphrase? God showed up and showed out!

Nieves Anderson has been married to Jerrod Anderson for 14 years. They live in Prattville and have two children, JaMychel (18) and Jayden (16). Along with being a mom and chef, Nieves is preparing to publish a cookbook and film a self-documentary.


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