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Mom to Mom Dec RRP

Mom to Mom with Ashley Jernigan

RRP: Being a working mom and entrepreneur, how do you balance your life and determine how to be present for your family? AJ: I had to get my core values […]

Mom to Mom Nov RRP

Mom to Mom with Jennifer Allen

RRP: How do you balance being a mom and working full-time at the Alabama Department of Health? JA: Work-life balance is something I struggle with. It’s mostly the guilt. Guilty […]

Mom to Mom Oct RRP

Mom to Mom with Kaasha Griffin

RRP: You have a twin sister and mentioned you can’t imagine life without her. How does she help you navigate motherhood? KG: I had the benefit of my twin sister, […]

Mom to Mom Sept RRP

Mom to Mom with Kim Woods

RRP: How do you balance life being a mother to eight children? KW: I am a highly organized person and use several apps and reminders to keep up with appointments, […]

Mom to Mom Aug RRP

Mom to Mom with Ann Amster

RRP: How do you balance motherhood and being the Development Coordinator at Montgomery Christian School? Ann: Balance in life is hard. Balancing work and motherhood can feel like a tightrope […]

Mom to Mom July RRP

Mom to Mom with Rachel Erwin

RRP: How are you navigating the teenage years with your two boys, Leyton (16) and Liam (13)? RE: We can see the years of hard work starting to pay off. […]

Mom to Mom June 2023 RRP

Mom to Mom with Adeyela Bennett

RRP: Being a native and growing up in the Bahamas, what role has your mother played in your parenting journey? AB: For a woman from the tiny island of San […]

Mom to Mom Sponsored May 2023 RRP

Mom to Mom with Ronda Walker

RRP: Being a County Commissioner and owning a landscaping company, how do you balance work and motherhood? RW: I do not manage or balance or juggle being a mother. I […]

Mom to Mom Sponsored Lavonda Daniels April 2023 RRP 1

Mom to Mom with LaVonda Daniels

RRP: Having two children ages five and thirteen, how do you deal with the transitions that accompany them growing up? LD: As my children get older, I realize they will […]

Mom to Mom Sponsored Mar23 RRP 1

Mom to Mom with Kadie Agnew

RRP: How do you balance being a mom and the Marketing Director for the past five years at Baptist Health? KA: I do my best to give all of myself […]

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