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Montgomery Student Spotlights – January ’23

Every month we compile a list of students and schools doing great things across our community.  We have so many talented students in our area.  River Region Parents joins with [...]
Mom to Mom Jan 23 RRP

Mom to Mom with Brandi Moody

How do you balance being a mom and the Assistant Principal at Bear Exploration Center and Forest Avenue Academic Magnet? Some days are mentally heavy. I try to compartmentalize my different worlds. When I get home, I turn off my day to focus on my family and get that mental break.

Teens and Screens talking to a stranger dark

Is Your Child Talking to a Stranger Online (Part One)

We all remember when our parents warned us “not to talk to strangers.” For those of us north of 35, that mostly meant we were not to talk to someone in person we did not know. Or do not talk to someone who approaches you that your parents do not know. Today this takes on a whole different meaning.

choosing the best school

3 Steps to Choosing the Best School for Your Child

Comparing schools is challenging because each institution offers unique programs in a unique environment. One may present a specialized science curriculum geared toward a future in engineering, while another focuses […]

new years health lifestyle

New Year’s Resolution: Make Health a Priority in 2023

When January arrives, many of us have already thought about our resolutions for the new year. According to, the most common resolutions in the U.S. are health focused, including […]

Dinner Ready family Jan 23

Dinner’s Ready: Kori Chin’s Zuppa Toscana

Happy New Year! School is back in session from the holidays, and parents are resuming taking kids to and from activities, so schedules are hectic and time is limited. So […]

college application process

College Admissions 101: What You Don’t Know About the College Application Process

As a parent, I knew of the many milestones my children would face, from learning to walk and talk to navigating relationships and exams. One I was not prepared for was applying for college. The days when getting into college were a breeze are long gone; the applicant pool is far more competitive.


Teacher of the Month: Mike McCluskie, Churchill Academy

For the love of sports, Mike McCluskie played every sport in high school and plays competitive sports to this day. His passion for the games led him to become a PE teacher at Churchill Academy, where he also teaches Algebra.

Meeting Kids Where They Are Jan 23 all mags

Appreciating the Differences

One of the reasons I am so passionate about my job is that I want to help other parents not make all the mistakes I made. Unfortunately, one of my […]

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Pike Road Area Student Spotlights – January ’23

Every month we compile a list of students doing great things across the River Region.  We have so many talented students in our area.  River Region Parents joins with their [...]
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