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You are an educator, the co-owner of A Curated Bookstore, and the owner of SamCol by Hicks. How do you balance these with mom life?

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Stevie: Family comes first. Juggling motherhood with roles as educator, co-owner of A Curated Bookstore, and owner of SamCol by Hicks demands scheduling, task delegation, support systems, self-care, and adaptability. Striking this balance honors family commitments while fulfilling professional duties effectively.

How did your children become the inspiration for your brand’s unique name?

Stevie: In 2020, amidst COVID-19, social injustice around the world, pregnancy, and postpartum depression, I sought solace. Prioritizing family and my passion for education, I fused my love for Black culture with motherhood, birthing SamCol by Hicks. This endeavor became a heartfelt expression of love, resilience, and cultural celebration for my family, community, and home city, Los Angeles, California.

How do you connect with other moms to share parent advice and seek encouragement through navigating motherhood?

Stevie: I enjoy celebrating cultural affinities and connecting with parents who share backgrounds similar to mine and my family’s. I join tea parties with the Simmer & Sip Society, where we unwind and share thoughts over a cup of tea. Additionally, I attend the Black Women’s Rest Retreat quarterly, cherishing the opportunity to bond with other mothers who resonate with my experiences and perspectives.

How do you maintain your sense of self as a mom?

Stevie: Preserving my identity as a mother initiates by prioritizing personal fulfillment as a woman. Engaging in activities like reading, spa days, working out, shopping, and spending time alone allows me to recharge and maintain a sense of self. Connecting with other mothers who understand the challenges of motherhood provides valuable support and a sense of camaraderie, fostering relaxation and unwinding without judgment or mom-shaming.

You’re a busy mom and enjoy community outreach. Can you share some of the ways you like to give back?

Stevie: I find joy in organizing social and educational events where families can come together, fostering a sense of community. Additionally, I love providing free books and materials to support learning and growth. During my free time, I actively participate in organizations dedicated to social justice, racial justice, and truth education, aligning with my values and commitment to positive change.

You lovingly said, “My daughter is magic, and my son is brilliant.” How do you encourage them at young ages?

Stevie: My children are everything to me. My daughter exudes magic. Her presence illuminates the entire room, and her smile brings us joy. My son possesses a beautiful and expansive personality. He’s endlessly curious and remarkably talented. Both of them naturally embody leadership qualities. I uplift my children daily with affirmations, ensuring they understand how magical and capable they are.

What is the best parenting advice you’ve received?

Stevie: The most impactful advice I’ve ever received was to shower my children with love while honoring their independence. Additionally, I was encouraged to connect with other mothers to foster a supportive community centered on nurturing and learning.

What has been the greatest surprise in your motherhood journey?

Stevie: Learning just how powerful I am. I knew I was magical as a woman, but wow, the wonderful things I am accomplishing as a mother. Being a mother has given me the gall to keep going despite many obstacles.

Rapid Fire Questions:
What’s one chore in your home that you would delegate?
I don’t do trash takeouts!

What is a word/phrase that you say to your children often?
You are magic all day, every day.

Does your “mom look” work? NO! Not at all.

Who encourages you the most? My ancestors, grandmother, mother, and my circle of mother-friends.

What are your two favorite books? The Color Purple by
Alice Walker and Jambalaya by Luisah Teish

Stevie Rae Hicks is married to Colby Hicks, Sr. The couple has been married for almost nine years and have two children, Colby Jr. (5) and Sammie (3). The family resides in Montgomery.


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